Ask what you want to the IA and be surprised !

EZPZ CLUB it's a all in one place in the middle of Bordeaux where the AI Generative does what you want :

- Cocktails and food each day generated in function of the stock and have no loss
- Search, a work, school duty, ask to the AI
- Meeting, co working, afterwork, private event, ask the AI to organize everything
- Sunday Board Games, Game of Role evening, let the AI be your game master
- Envy a music, a atmosphere, a journey, the AI create custom made
- Find a Network, meet Friends or Love, leave the AI to make presentation

Setup your time at EZPZ with the App and every thing be ready when you arrive

Futur it's simple, it's EZPZ !

EZPZ Club renew each week with tendancy for a unique all time experience
Opening Summer 2024

To made that happen, we need you !

What get a EZPZ Founder :
- One share of 0.05% of EZPZ Club
- One PZ, the cryptocurrency of the EZPZ Club
- One free drink of your choice each week at the EZPZ Club
- Privatising for free the EZPZ Club once
- Each year vote for the caritative donation from EZPZ Club
- One MVP access to the EZPZ LIVE at Monaco GP 25, VIP Area, all inclusive