EZPZ LIVE | Spring Monaco GP 2025

When ? Sunday of the Monaco GP 2025 between 2 PM and 2 AM
Where ? On a Rooftop in Monaco
Who ? 8 Djs and F1 Racers

Prix du ticket unique : 250 euros (nombre limité de places)

An unique and immersive music fest generated by AI

EZPZ ticket allow you :
- One MVP access to the festival, VIP Area, all inclusive (in Monaco)
- Full access to the artist at the EZPZ LIVE (in Monaco)

Some Bonus at EZPZ CLUB :
- One share of 0.05% of EZPZ Club
- One drink of your choice each week at the EZPZ Club
- Each year vote for the caritative donation from EZPZ Club

EZPZ LIVE it's a most excluvise and amazing experience in the secret place during the Monaco GP 2025

- 8 Worldwide DJs (reveal soon)
- 12 Hours of Music non stop
- Make your dreams come truth with the AI

A Journey of 12 hours non stop in the heart of BPM
Unique experience in the world.

EZPZ LIVE allow to finance creation of EZPZ CLUB a all in one place where the AI generated does what you want !

EZPZ LIVE it's the first Electronic Fest generated by an IA. Our mission it's to offer an exclusive and amazing experience in the world !

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